Proud of Myself

The past few days I have worked through my anxiety. I haven’t had any panic attacks and I’ve felt really good. How did I do it?

First off, I talked myself through it. Every time I felt nervous or anxious I’d just tell myself “God is in control”. Just a simple sentence, but with so much meaning. It calms me down. 

Secondly, I take deep breaths. I’ve always laughed at the thought of meditating or deep breathing, but I promise, it helps. I breath in for 5-8 seconds then exhale 5-8 seconds. I do this for a few minutes. This clears my head and I feel so much better.

Lastly, I keep busy. If I’m nervous I will do a crossword, do crafts with my daughter, read a book, or listen to music. It gets my mind off of things for a little while.

Thankfully, I am learning to deal with my anxiety. Hopefully, life stays this way. However, I know I will stumble, but I’m strong and I can face it, you can too. We’re all 10x stronger than we think. 


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